Our Services

Experience and Expertise

Our competence encompass advisory and strategy for:

Business Management

- Structuring, development and implementation of advisory and management councils
- Business models definition
- Implementation of governance and processes
- Business restructuring and shareholders agreements
- Management strategy
- Studies and elements for M&A, J/V, or divestment
- Investment analysis and risk management
- Development of Business Plan / Business Case
- Governmental affairs and institutional relations
- Contracts, opinions, and legal agreements

Business Strategy and Operations

- Sales operations and Customer support strategies;
- Sales operations and Customer support procedures and Management;
- Development of distribution channels, dealers and importers;
- Manufacturing, product and supply chain strategies;
- Financing strategies for wholesale, retail, and channels;
- Corporate communication strategy;
- Brand positioning strategy;
- Mapping and management process designs;
- Alignment of business strategies with the market intelligence and planning.

Market Intelligence and Strategic Planning

- Market study
- Diagnosis of business potential and opportunities
- Competitors analysis
- Market segmentation
- Product lineup and price positioning strategies
- Data-base and CRM implementation
- Development of Marketing strategy
- Development of Commercial Policies
- Alignment of the Market Intelligence and Business Strategies with Human Resources and Competence Development

Succession Planning, Training and Coaching

- Organizational restructuring: mapping, development and setup
- Succession Planning
- Talents development
- Management transition
- Organizational climate – diagnosis and improvement tools
- Coaching and Mentoring
- Competencies development – Technical – Commercial - Administrative

3 steps for development and success of your
business in Brazil and Latin America.


1st step

Your doubts

Let us understand the situation and your ideas, doubts or problems so we can identify the best alternatives to start correcting and improve your business.

2nd step

Diagnosis and Strategy

We will analyze and map the current situation, risks and opportunities. We will recommend the proper strategy and best processes to be implemented, respecting client’s limits according to the possible solutions for each situation. This phase is focused on analysis, diagnosis, and the development of the strategy.


3rd step

Action, Implementation and Results

This phase is focused on implementing and monitoring results. We work on the structuring, governance, competences development, operations settings, analysis of results, and the achievement of client’s expectations.

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