We are passionate about working

Members of our team have a proven track record of success, with solid careers developed in executive and strategic areas in Industry at large international companies.

We have a selected team of highly specialized associates and consultants. Multicultural professionals, well-respected with the highest competence, who work as team leaders, reference, coach and mentors for each specific project.

MA8 Management Team

Orlando Merluzzi


Passion - Dedication - Quality

Working gives us pleasure and we are passionate about what we do. Focus on the details leads to better quality. We long to deliver always the highest standard of strategies, solutions and management tools for the success of our clients.

We bring the experience of decades of dedication in pursuit of the knowledge that we apply on our job.
Dedication, effort and seriousness will lead us to consistent success and the satisfaction of our clients.

Leonilson Rossi

Senior Consultant and Head of the Off-Road Equipment

"Leading a project requires lots of experience, understanding and dedication. We work to maximize results and improve the business performance of our Clients. Our satisfaction is at the delivery of the highest standard for quality and confidence."

Cristiane Davi

Market Intelligence Director

"Forecasting scenarios, understanding risks and transforming data into strategic information, is part of our mission. Achieving the excellence in each project is what motivates us. We produce information that generate large advantage to our Clients."

Juan Gonzalez

Senior Consultant – Construction Equipment and Machines

Business strategist for compact & heavy equipment in the construction industry, highly specialized on sales, customer services, and dealers management in Latin America.